Hi! My name is Camilla Groenhoff. I am a hobby photographer based in Lacombe, Alberta. I was born and raised in Groningen, the Netherlands, and moved to Canada in July 2020.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved photography. I remember going on little roadtrips with my father, both bringing our camera’s. He thaught me the basics of photography, and over the years, I have gained more and more experience.

I love macro photography, animals, agriculture, nature and portraits. I have been lucky to be a ‘in-house’ photographer for NoorderlandMelk U.A. and I have delivered photo’s to Uniform-Agri and Alta Genetics.

The website is still under construction, my aplogies for that!

I like to photograph outside, in nature

I only use natural light


Learn more about my work here.

Excited? I am open for bookings

Memories are precious. We can make memories last forever in photographs. Whether you want a family portrait, a love shoot or a lasting memory with your pets, we can make it work.

Are you a little nervous to pose? Don’t be! I believe in an unforced approach, where having fun is the most important.

“Photography is about more than clicking the shutter, it is about moments to cherish, even when time passes. It is about the beauty and innocence of a moment, no matter how small”

Let’s Talk!

If you want to book a photoshoot, have questions, or comments? Please feel free to send me a message! I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.